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Recent Testimonials

Kate 11/1/2021

Angela came to our family at a time when we were in crisis. We had our baby at the height of the pandemic, and having just moved to the area, we lacked a support network. Ten months later the baby was still not sleeping. We were tired beyond belief and desperately needed help. Even though Angela normally works with families in the immediate postpartum period, she came to our rescue. She did overnights so we could get some much needed sleep, and eventually as the baby started sleeping more regularly through the night, she started coming during the day to watch the baby so that we could have a break. The baby loves her - they read books and play games - while somehow Angela miraculously also folds all the laundry, cleans the kitchen, and preps dinner. We would hire Angela again in an instant and miss working with her. She had so many good ideas about sleep, feeding, and baby wearing. She is really well connected to other resources and experts. She is also just plain nice, and exactly what our family needed.

Sheila 9/7/2021

I don't know what we would have done without Angela! We had our first child a year ago during the height of the COVID pandemic when our family couldn't travel and come over to help. Angela was with us right after the baby was born and anticipated needs I didn't even know I had as a first-time parent. She is a wealth of knowledge on everything infant and postpartum and deftly handled every question we threw at her had on childcare. She helped me with my nursing issues with my premie, taught us pro-tips on things like bathing and diapering (we were VERY inexperienced parents), all while helping us keep our house together and thinking of everything down to making sure I had a full glass of water nearby while I was nursing. She is also a master "baby-wearer" and showed us how to use ring slings and other types of carriers. My husband would sometimes marvel at her as she would wear my baby while simultaneously cleaning the dishes and organizing the house (more efficiently that I would even WITHOUT a baby). She is the absolute best and if we end up having another child we won't hesitate to hire her again!

Charlie 8/26/21

Angela is simply fantastic. Not only is she a kind and patient caregiver, but she is energetic and ready to help in any way possible. When we had our second child, she was ready to handle either kiddo, giving us some much needed time and space to handle all of the things that have to get done. I highly recommend her for any post-natal needs, having assistance in the fourth trimester made everything so much easier than I could have ever imagined.

Emily 7/26/21

Angela was so wonderful. She helped out with my immediate post partum period, playing with my older child, keeping house in order and making sure I had everything I needed. She is SUPER knowledgeable and has been working in birth for over a decade. She helped with baby wearing, nursing questions and general newborn questions. We loved working with her so much she stayed on a couple extra months helping with our older child as he adjusted to life with a baby. Which TBH he did not mind at all because he loved having Angela around. They played games, did art, all the things. Highly recommend Angela as a post partum doula!

Lauren 6/21/21

We were so fortunate to have Angela’s help this year for a couple months just prior to the Covid stay at home order. She was so wonderful with our baby and helped me tremendously while struggling to establish breastfeeding (also just awesome to have the baby in expert hands while I napped or showered or had a meal with my partner). It made such a difference in our quality of life during a tough time.